Voice has been the cause of much consternation for Galaxy S8 owners. Samsung hyped it up as one of the biggest features of the new flagship and yet it wasn’t able to deliver Bixby Voice at launch. The company later delayed the feature’s release a couple of times because it wasn’t ready.

Samsung launched a preview of Bixby Voice for users in the United States. The early access program enabled select Galaxy S8 owners to try out the voice functionality. The program also allowed Samsung to collect much needed big data to further improve Bixby Voice.


YouTuber Sakitech has posted a video on his channel detailing the capabilities of Bixby Voice and they’re quite impressive. The video shows that Bixby is capable of performing basic tasks such as taking screenshots, turning on the Wi-Fi, adjusting brightness and more in response to the relevant commands.

It’s even capable of performing advanced tasks such as remembering the parking location, launching the camera and taking a picture even when the phone is locked, adjusting the display resolution, switching video resolution and more.

The video goes to show that Samsung wasn’t kidding about Bixby’s ability to do everything in response to a voice command that the user can do by tapping on the display.

Samsung is yet to confirm when it’s going to release Bixby Voice with support for the English language. A report earlier today suggests that Bixby Voice could be released in the United States on July 18.