There have been countless reports about the refurbished Galaxy Note 7 ever since Samsung confirmed that it was going to release the refurbished variant in the near future. Reports suggest that it will be called the Galaxy Note FE or “Fan Edition” and that it may be priced at over $600.

A new report out of South Korea suggests that Samsung is going to release the Galaxy Note FE in South Korea on July 7. Samsung apparently wanted to release the handset by the end of June but has decided to delay it by a week.

It reportedly decided to do that before it has increased the number of refurbished units it’s going to sell from 150,000 to 450,000. The refurbished units will be sold through the country’s three top mobile carriers.

It’s also claimed that when the Galaxy Note FE is launched next month, it’s going to have Samsung’s voice assistant Bixby on board. If this information is correct that the Galaxy Note FE will become the second smartphone from Samsung to feature Bixby.

Since Bixby has only been launched properly in South Korea, all of the assistant’s features are likely to be accessible on the Galaxy Note FE as they are on the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ for users in the country.

Samsung is yet to make an official announcement concerning the release of the refurbished Galaxy Note 7.


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